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About Agspec Australia

Agspec Australia is an innovative, grower-focussed company based in Mount Gambier, SA.We supply foliar fertilisers, biostimulants, spray adjuvants, crop protection products and water efficiency products in Australia and New Zealand.

These include the popular brands Rapisol® EDTA & EDDHA technology, AxCela® slug and snail bait, biostimulants ActivAAte®, Atlantik®, Barramar® and Martello®, irrigation management tool Aquimax®, adjuvants Flexstic®, Flextend®, Hygrostic®, and Enviroshield® harvest aid.

Agspec’s ongoing research and collaborations with progressive research organisations and partners drive the development and refinement of new product solutions for Australian growers.

In January 2024, Agspec Australia became part of the global Azelis Group.

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