Agspec Launches New Adjuvant Range

Agspec has recently announced that it has launched its own branded range of spray adjuvants.  Stress-Ex®, Hygro-Stic®, Flextend® and Flexstic® are four of these branded products that will emerge onto the Australian market. These replace products that were recently distributed on behalf of a third party. Agspec Director Jonathon Lillecrapp explains, “We’ve found in the past that by rowing our own boat we make wiser development investments, give better support, and have greater control over the quality of our labelling and packaging. Overall, we do a better job with our own technologies, and we get better support from customers”.


These new products follow hot on the heels of RapiSol® micronutrient range, which have morphed into a clever range of combinations for specific crops and soil types. In 2017 Agspec introduced RapiSol Combi-7, a new all-in-one combination micronutrient formulation, containing added magnesium.


Already renowned for their robust product packaging and eye-catching labels, coupled with forward thinking product support and research and development, Mr Lillecrapp explained the new direction, “Introducing these products demonstrates to our clients that above all else, we’re listening and responding to their needs, and backing it with investment”, Jonathon said. “The products will be supported with a substantial R&D spend focused on tank mixing with the latest crop protection chemicals and fertilisers. There are plenty of adjuvants on the market, but a lot of the original research was with chemicals that aren’t used anymore. Our point of difference is not just to get the quality right, but we are backing it up with replicated field trials mixing with up to date crop protection chemicals, together with the support of our experienced field team. This means we can give the right advice. We are also bolstering our field force in key markets to further back the products”.


South African born Jon Corona has recently joined Agspec, and will service clients in Victoria and MIA. He brings a wealth of knowledge, not only from his home country, but also from working with leading horticulturalists in New Zealand, and more recently in Australia.


Thanks to feedback from clients, Agspec decided that not all companies would so easily do; they have invested in the products the clients said worked best and met growing requirements for environmentally friendly produce which becomes a valuable selling point for farmers.


The new adjuvants are natural based film forming polymers extracted from pine trees.  Their affiliation for leaf waxes gives them some unique properties. Stress-Ex is best known for assisting the transplantation and establishment of vegetable seedlings and turf and reduces the effect of both heat and cold on plants. Flexstic and Flextend are true stickers and both limit the degradation effects of rain, UV light and wind on crop protection chemicals. Flexstic is designed for vegetable crops where regular pesticides are applied, while Flextend is slightly more tenacious and better suited for use in tree and vine crops. Clients also commented that Flexstic and Flextend are compatible with most fungicides and insecticides and provide cuticular support to the leaf while assisting the spray droplet to spread over the leaf surface.  Finally, there is Hygro-Stic, also a sticker, while providing the same attributes as Flexstic and Flextend, but has been designed for use in Broadacre crops, whether for summer weed spraying or with fungicides and insecticides in crop during the growing season.


For more information on the new adjuvants in the market, please call 1800 683456 or Jonathon on 0427 490 551.