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KleenLine is a revolutionary drip-irrigation cleaner and water acidifier, with built in fertilizer that delivers both Nitrogen and Sulphur as a side benefit. It has a strong acidic character with a pH of approximately 1. Generally, acids at this pH would damage human skin. However, the unique formulation in KleenLine provides a solution that is not harmful to the skin.

KleenLine can be used for the following purposes:

  • As an effective soil and water conditioner, as the sulphate ion released in solution reacts with sodium to form sodium sulphate, which is readily leached from upper layers of the soil;
  • Lower the pH of irrigation water, avoiding the precipitation of insoluble salts and irrigation blockages;
  • Removes blockages in drip irrigation systems;
  • KleenLine is acidic and helps to remove carbonate and algal build up; and
  • Supplies both Nitrogen and Sulphur to the soil for root uptake. The nitrogen is non-volatile and non-leaching. The nitrogen source is slow releasing so is available for root uptake over an extended period of time. This is dependent on growth rate and stage.

What is the dose rate of KleenLine?

KleenLine can be applied to irrigation systems with heavy precipitate blockages as a shock treatment. This shock treatment, uses KleenLine to reduce the pH of the water to 3-4 (in the sprinkler or dripper) keeping the length of irrigation duration to a minimum of 3 hours. In most situations this would require between 20-25 L/ha of KleenLine. We recommend the application with an injector.

Alternatively, flush with a higher dose for a shorter time period. For example, if the water pH is 8.0, to reduce it to 1.8, 7L/ha of KleenLine will be required. This would be for a flushing period of 15 minutes. This equates to 1ml in 200ml water or 500ml in 100L water.

Once the blockage has been eliminated, apply a maintenance dose of 1-2L/ha.

What is the nutrient value of KleenLine?

KleenLine contains 22.6% w/v Urea nitrogen and 24% w/v Sulphur. In 100 L of KleenLine, there is 22.6 Kg of N, and 24.1 Kg of S.

How does KleenLine compare to other drip irrigation products?