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Exifoam is designed to minimize excessive foaming that occurs in tanks or dipping operations.

Often it is the mixture of emulsifying agents in the chemicals used that creates excessive foaming. This problem has been getting worse as we try and speed up the filling process or dipping operation. Improved agitation along with changes in the formulation often contributes to this problem also.

Excessive foaming is often seen with the use of granular or dry formulation products. For example,  granular triazines products.

Besides the down time wasted the concern for the chemicals in the foam is often underestimated resulting in OH&S issues along with some environmental concerns.

Yet just a few drops of Exifoam and the problem is solved. No more problems with foam and a 5000 L tank can actually take 5000 L and not limited to the foaming problem that occurs.

Benefit of EXIFOAM

  • Dramatically reduces the foaming problem
  • Fast filling of the tank
  • No more concerns with foam overflowing causing an environmental issue
  • Only drops required
  • Results seen immediately
  • Great for fast aerial filling operations