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AquiMax® Water Saving Irrigation Additive


AquiMax® is a revolutionary co-polymer system designed to improve soil water availability for plants. With Micro-Inversion Technology (MIT), AquiMax is the first to combine a soil dispersing agent with a liquid long-chain moisture retaining polymer into a stable micro-emulsion that can be injected into irrigation systems.

AquiMax is designed to be injected directly into irrigation systems, and readily travels from the injection point to the nozzle or emitter to exit the irrigation system. When the product reaches the soil, the soil dispersing agent in AquiMax helps the long-chain retention polymer penetrate and distribute evenly throughout the root profile. The controlled-activation emulsion inverts to form a white film that surrounds soil aggregates and swells to retain water. This increases the bank of moisture that is available to plants throughout the growing season.

AquiMax can be applied strategically to avoid drought stress during physiological stages that are crucial to the crop’s development. When plants experience drought stress, they immediately stop the process of cell expansion. When cells aren’t expanding, plants aren’t growing. AquiMax® helps reduce the risk of water stress and improves soil-plant-water-nutrition relations to optimize plant health.

Key Features of AquiMax®

  • Patented combination of soil dispersing agent and moisture retaining polymer;
  • No special equipment needed for application; and
  • Easy to use.


Key Benefits of AquiMax®

  • Up to 30% less water required to maintain yield and quality;
  • Improved water retention;
  • Improved soil moisture distribution;
  • Improved nutrient retention and reduced leaching;
  • Increased photosynthesis:
    • Improved transpiration;
    • Improved water movement;
    • Improved CO2 uptake; and
    • Optimise mass flow of moisture and nutrition in the plants;
  • Establish trees and crops faster;
  • Cooler crop canopy; and
  • Improved yield and quality.


AquiMax is available in 10 L, 500 L and 1000 L containers.

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AquiMax® is a trademark of Exacto Inc., USA.