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RapiSol® Product Range

Agspec Australia Pty Ltd market a wide range of EDTA, DTPA and EDDHA technology formulations for broadacre, horticulture and other specialty crops throughout Australia.

EDTA technology is one of the strongest and most stable true bonds used in commercial agriculture. The versatility of EDTA technology is due to its multidentate ligand, which encloses the metal ion. The RapiSol product range appropriates this EDTA technology by binding to a metal ion such as zinc which enables the trace element to remain in solution when added to water with other agricultural chemicals and fertilisers.

Soils that are susceptible to micronutrient deficiencies are primarily alkaline and calcareous soils, or acid leached soils.  Alkaline soils may be abundant in micronutrients like Iron, but are not plant available due to soil tie-up.  Zinc deficiencies may also be induced by high pH soils or soils with a high phosphate level.

The RapiSol EDTA range allows economical use rates to be applied, while the high solubility of the RapiSol formulation does not contribute to incompatibility and associated problems.  RapiSol EDTA micronutrients are also able to be applied by aircraft application.

The RapiSol EDTA technology formulations include:

Soil applications of the RapiSol range are recommended when your soil pH is not within the desired range.

Foliar applications of the RapiSol range (recommended for certain EDTA formulations) should be applied in sufficient water volume ensuring all leaves are covered to the point of run-off. Do not use a concentration greater than 1.0 g/L, While the addition of an adjuvant is recommended, please refer to the specific RapiSol label for more detailed information on adjuvant use.

The Benefits of RapiSol EDTA (DTPA and EDDHA) technology include:

  • RapiSol Technologies can be applied as soil or foliar nutrients, as well as application in hydroponic systems;
  • Flexible applications of RapiSol technologies allow for single or multiple nutrient correction during the crop;
  • RapiSol Technologies deliver high solution stability;
  • RapiSol EDDHA is the most stable formulation for delivering fertigation Iron solutions up to pH 11 in your soils;
  • RapiSol technologies come in convenient pack sizes for corporate and commercial growers;
  • RapiSol technologies are compatible with most agricultural chemicals on the market today;
  • RapiSol technologies are easy to use and handle;
  • RapiSol technologies have a shelf life of 3 years; and
  • RapiSol technologies deliver low conductivity in solution.

For additional information, please contact your local business manager to determine the most suitable product to use for specific situation.

RapiSol® is a registered trademark of Agspec Australia Pty Ltd.