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RapiBor is a liquid product that is a specially formulated Boron in the ethanolamine form (15% w/v). This boron formulation is ideal for maximum absorption through leaves and is translocation throughout the plant, increasing its mobility and helping correct the factors that cause boron deficiency in plants.

RapiBor is designed to correct boron deficiencies caused by low assimilation. Typically when Boron deficiency symptoms appear, it is too late to avoid the problem. For this reason, it is recommended to apply RapiBor before the symptoms of deficiency appear. The application of RapiBor is recommended through foliar spraying and therefore it must be applied when the foliage is developed enough to absorb the treatment.

Key Benefits of RapiBor:

  • Easy to use liquid;
  • Very good assimilation;
  • Can be applied to the foliage or drip irrigation; and
  • Manufactured to high standards

RapiBor is available in 20L and 200L containers

RapiBor® is a trademark of Agspec Australia Pty Ltd.