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Agspec has developed a range of BlueSpear premium foliar nutrient formulations, designed for use in a wide range of crops and specific for use throughout the crop cycle.

The BlueSpear range is manufactured using high quality raw materials with low biuret, low salt levels and using only technical grade forms of macro-nutrients.

Agspec has also included in the BlueSpear formulations a broad range of essential trace elements that have been chemically combined using EDTA technology from the RapiSol EDTA product range.

The benefits of the Agspec BlueSpear Fertilizer range are:

  • High quality foliar nutrient that is safe to crops
  • Highly and rapidly soluble
  • A range of formulas for use at different stages of the crop cycle
  • Low biuret
  • Low salt
  • Packed in a sturdy 20kg box and plastic inner lining
  • Good value for money
  • Highly compatible

Currently we offer four formulations:

BlueSpear® is a registered trademark of Agspec Australia Pty Ltd.

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